About wm1.com

wm1.com was setup by washing machine engineers to give the public free impartial advice on their washing problems. We can help you repair your old washing machine and give plenty of great advice on how to buy a new one.

With over 100 years of joint washing machine experience wm1.com can help you. Read our guides, ask us questions and visit our forum and a washing machine engineer will respond.

wm1.com own all content on the site and can not be copied by UK Law. wm1.com doesn’t activily seek to make a profit and is maintained by it’s sponsors. Glotech and AppliancePlanet.

wm1.com is a UK based website so most of the brands mentioned refer to the UK and EU models. Due to our vast experience we tend to generalise our answers which may not be accurate to all machines.

If someone would wish to contact us about our website please click here to fill in a contact form. Please do not ask any questions directly about washing machines. Please do this on our Forum.

Thanks for taking an interest in wm1.com


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