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American washing machines differ in many ways from European washing machine because they are often much bigger and are top loaders. American machines haven’t had the big push for to cut energy and water comsuption that we’ve had in the EU.

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2 Responses to “American Washing Machines”

  1. samwutam says:

    America is making a big shift towards the front loading machines. There are some issues still in question and awaiting appropriate outcomes. One is the loading/unloading characteristics of top loader vs front loader. It seems that if the pedestals are used with the front loaders, they are acceptable to just about all, however, if the pedestals cannot or are not used, the front loaders are a true pain in the back and many will opt for the top loaders just for this reason. It is well-known that the front loaders are more efficient and actually do a better job of cleaning and preserving the fabrics, however, the exceptionally high cost of these machines will continue to be a factor for many people who will choose initial cost over savings.

    One other consideration is the problem regarding the pedestals themselves. Most manufacturers do NOT provide the pedestal stands as part of the purchase deal and most dealers do not reveal this fact until the very last minute, as the consumer is reaching for their credit card. Reason? Probably because the cost of the machine is very close to prohibitive for a lot of households and most people, after viewing the demo set-up in the store, are under the impression that the pedestals are part of the package (which is what the dealers want them to believe). Once the mind has set itself in the buy mode, most people will go ahead and purchase the pedestals at the last minute, even though they are incensed when they are informed that the expensive pedestals are an added expense. The pedestal stands can run from around $150 for plain stands with no drawers to as high as $400 or more for upscale pedestal stands with multiple drawers and storage space. What the consumers should do is refuse to purchase either the washer or the dryer if the pedestals are not included. If more people would do this, the price of the pedestals would probably start to be included and/or the dealers would start to offer better prices on the pedestals as a bargaining chip for the sale of the machines. People need to wise up and start refusing the machines.

  2. You have posted this on another blog or forum becasue it sounds familiar. Regardless i’m bookmarking your post on and sending a link out to my email list. If I get good comments from those on my list, I will then add this post link to one of my HubPages. Thanks for keeping it real!

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