These are error codes for Whirlpool Washing Machines. We hope these fault codes will help you get to the bottom of your problem. If you require any help why not leave a comment or post a question on our forum.

Washing Machine
Fault Code Fault
FH No Water Inlet
FA Aquastop Failure
FP Drain Failure
F5 NTC Failure
F6 Tachometer Failure (no motor movement detected)
F7 Triac Short Circuit detection
F8 Heating Element, Open Circuit
F9 Overflow Failure
F10 Motor control unit (Thermal)
F11 Communication failure
F12 Heating Element Short Circuit
F13 Dispenser Circuit Error
F14 EEPROM Failure
F15 Motor Control Unit Error
F16 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F18 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F20 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F21 Control Failure (User Board)
F22 Control Failure (User Board)
FDL Door Lock Error
FDU Door Unlock Error

Here are some Whirlpool model numbers these codes might apply to:

AQUA9759, AQUA9760, AQUA9769B, AQUA9770, AQUA9770B, AQUASTEAM976, AWOD4505, AWOD4605, AWOD5526, AWOD5527, AWOD5706S, AWOD5726, AWOD5727, AWOD5926, AWOD6527, AWOD6528, AWOD6727, AWOD6728, AWOD6927, AWOD6927S, AWOD6928, AWOE8548, AWOE8558, AWOE8559, AWOE8748, AWOE8758, AWOE8759B, AWOE8760, AWOE8760B, AWOE9558, AWOE9558B, AWOE9558S, AWOE9559B, AWOE9559S, AWOE9759, AWOE9760, HDW1010SI, HDW1011WG, PROW0612IIM, PROW0614I, SCW1112WH, ACM880, ACM883, AMH244, AQUA9769, AWM023, AWM1000, AWM3203, AWM3213, AWM3233WH, AWM3243, AWM3253, AWM3283, AWM3363, AWM3373, AWM5104, AWM51043, AWM51044, AWM51045, AWM5125, AWM51254, AWM51255, AWM5125S, AWM5145, AWM51452, AWM51453, AWM51454, AWM51455, AWM51455SP, AWM6100, AWM61001, AWM6120, AWM61201, AWM61203, AWM6123, AWM6140, AWM61403, AWM6141, AWM61411, AWM8000, AWM8101, AWM8103, AWM81031, AWM81131, AWM8121, AWM8123, AWM81231, AWM81233, AWM8125, AWM81253, AWM8143, AWM81431, AWM81433, AWM8145, AWM81453, AWM8163, AWM81631, AWM81633, AWM9000, AWM9100, AWO10561, AWO10761, AWO10961, AWO12963, AWO129635, AWO12963S, AWO3561, AWO35615, AWO3571, AWO3761, AWO37615, AWO37615S, AWO3761S, AWO3771, AWO3961, AWO39615, AWO5763, AWO57635, AWO5963, AWO59635, AWOD4305, AWOD4705, AWOD5306, AWOD5316, AWOD5506, AWOD5516, AWOD5556, AWOD5706, AWOD5716, AWOD6507, AWOD6707, AWOD7508, AWOD7708, AWOD8508, AWOD8708, AWODAS128, AWODAS148, AWT51084, AWT51085, HDW0614WG, HDW1011BG, SCW1012UG, WAWM51045,

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83 Responses to “Whirlpool Washing Machine Fault Codes”

  1. Janet says:

    Whirlpool Washer, model WFC7500VW, shows code F25 after running Universal Diagnostics Test. That code is not in in the list of failure codes provided in the technical repair manual. Do you know what it means? Thanks


    Janet Reply:

    I figured it out.


  2. joanne says:

    i have a fault on my washing machine awod6727 fault code is f02 but can not find what fault is plz help


  3. Maged Ayoub says:

    i have AWM 1000 and suddenly it is not working and have a lighting puls of F and A now i see FA that Aquastop Failure what is mean that?


  4. senga says:

    I have a Whirlpool 6th sense AA6kg washing machine AWO 3761/5/S it keeps starting to do washing and then stops and shows F09 is it fixable.


  5. KRISHNA says:

    whirl pool fully automatic showing p in the screen


  6. craig says:

    we have a HDW1011 WG
    The code if FH but after checking the machine is plumbed in and the stop clocks are on with water flowing but machine still isnt getting water.


  7. Diane says:

    I have a f5 fault code
    Make is
    Ultimately 9kg A++ WMUD 942


  8. Diane says:

    I have a f5 fault make of machine is
    Ultima WMUD 942


  9. carolyn says:

    What is F06 and E02?


  10. Dragon says:

    That adsredses several of my concerns actually.


  11. carole says:

    model number AWOE 8760 B, error message F08


  12. Liz says:

    I have a WFS51073DD whirlpool front loader. It is displaying an F:08 code which is not displayed in my troubleshooting booklet. However having googled codes the only thing I can find is a table touting an F:8 code which I am imaging maybe the same thing which states ‘heating element open circuit’. THe machine wants to on begin on all settings but aborts to F:08 as previously stated….I assume this is something we cannot fix but need an electrician or an appliance guy?


  13. craig says:

    My washer 6th sense A+A 6kg has stopped working, all power has gone and I have tryed everything


  14. Simon says:

    Hi! I have a Whirlpool AWOEco 9774 and it says f21. Can you please tell me how to fix the issue?

    Thank you.


  15. Peggy flynn says:

    Water tap closed it says on panel. Machine full of water


  16. M Stack says:

    I have a FP error.
    I cleaned the main filter and also the water inlet filters.
    The machine is working on the 15 min cycle for rinse and spin as a test.
    Near the last few minutes of this cycle the FP error came up again.

    any help advice appreciated.


  17. Abiodun adesina says:

    my washer if showing code f23 error-what can I do


    Abiodun adesina Reply:

    my washing machine is displaying error f23 -what can I do to solve the problem


  18. george papathanasiou says:

    i have a AWM 1000 (serice 857007718701),and shows F11 error.can you inform me what is the problem?thank you.


  19. Derek says:

    I have an Whirlpool awod 6727.

    it has a fault code f06/30.

    any help please greatly appreciated.



  20. Hashif says:

    Good Morning
    I have one whirlpool 6th sense AWOE1012 washing machine ( 859247863003 ) this machine have a problem fault code F12 .

    I checked with multimeter this machine heater element is showing 26.5 hom.
    The heater sensor not showing homs.
    Please help me


  21. Jackie says:

    I have a awm9000 and a fault code f02 and now says 5ud, any ideas ???


  22. shiva says:

    I have whirlpool 360 with error code: 551 please help


  23. Michael says:

    i have an AWODAS148,
    what does F2 mean ??
    also water is still in the pump area

    Can you please help ??
    thank you


  24. Dave Suggs says:

    What is FSE2 code on Whirlpool Duet washer


  25. TONIRO says:



  26. Yousuf says:

    Dear Sirs

    I have washing machine wirlpool AWM 1000.
    It create problem to me with code F 11.
    Please how can I solve it.


  27. juan says:

    DL code keeps coming up I understand it is a door locking issue. I have another machine like this one having the problem. What parts will I have to change?


  28. Donita Bahlman says:

    Machine blinking f9 and e1 i have wet laundry inside and door is locked . i have held door lock for 3 seconds and nothing changes. How do i procede?


  29. Anthony says:

    Hi! My washing machine suddenly came up with error code F27 I can’t seem to find anything relating to this error. Can you help? Model AWOE 9140. Whirlpool.


  30. Edgardo Diolola says:

    Dear Admin,
    can i possibly get from you electrical wiring diagrams for :
    1. Indesit washer model IWB6103?
    2. Whirlpool dryer model AWZ 3427?
    Thanks a lot.


  31. Brenda OBrien says:

    I have a whirlpool washing machine model WFS1073DD. The error code is showing C38 which is not listed in the manual. Need help identifying the problem and implementing the solution Thanks Brenda


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