The follow are error and fault codes for most indesit washing machines. Indesit are a very popular often Italian built washing machines. If your unlucky enough to have your Indesit washing machine go wrong hopefully these faults might help you.


Indesit Washing Machines and Washer Dryers

• F10 – No cold fill. Check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.
• F11 – No hot fill. The ambient temperature is likely to be below freezing possibly due to the pipes being
frozen. Also check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.
• F12 – No mixed fill. It is likely that the water is not turned on at the taps.
• F13 – Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections.
• F14 – A fault with the water heating has occurred.
• F15 – Water is not being pumped out and a flood condition could occur. Check that the drainage hose is
raised to the recommended minimum height and that the pipe is not blocked.
• F16 – Extremely high water level Disconnect or turn off the water supply and ensure that the water level
does not rise any more.
• F17 – Door not closed properly. Close door firmly at the 3 o’clock position.
• F20/1 – The thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect. The ambient temperature could be below freezing.
• F30/31 – A motor drive problem has occurred. Try running the programme again.
• F40 – Water below protection level during a heat step.
• F41 – Water level detect sequence incorrect.
• F50/51 – Customer language and wash programme have not been saved.
The system will run with default conditions (1000rpm max and English language). Book an indesit service engineer to reprogramme
your product.

Some models this list may apply to:
IWB5113, IWC6125, IWC6125S, IWC6145, IWC6145S, IWC6165, IWC6165S, IWC8148UK, IWD6125, IWE7145B, IWE7145K, IWE7145S, IWE7168B, IWE7168S, IWSC5125, PWE8128W, PWE8148S, PWE8148W, PWE8168S, SIXL145, SIXL145D, SIXL145K, SIXL145S, SIXL145W, WIXXE147, IWME126UK, IWB5123, IWB6113, IWC8148, PWC8128W, SIXL145BL, W103, W113, W123, W123S, W123SILVER, W133, W143, W143S, W83, W93, WA105, WA115, WA115IND, WA125, WA135, WA155, WAX120, WAX120JUM, WE10, WE11, WE12, WE12S, WE12SILVER, WE14, WE14S, WE14SILVER, WE16, WE16S, WE16SILVER, WE21, WG1030G, WG1130TG, WG113D, WG1185WG, WG1230G, WG1230GH, WG1286S, WG1286WG, G1436TG, WG820G, WG920PG, WI101, WI121, WI141, WIA101, WIA111, WIA121, WIB101, WIB111, WIE127, WIE137S, WIE147, WIE147TE, WIE157S, WIE167, WIL103, WIL113, WIL123S, WIL123SILVER, WIL133, WIL143, WIL143S, WIL143SILVER, WIL144SP, WIL153, WIL163, WIL163S, WIL163SILVER, WIXE167, WIXL1200OT, WIXL123, WIXL123S, WIXL143, WIXL143S, WIXL163, WIXL163S, WIXXE147S, WIXXE167, WIXXE167S, WIXXL146,

They are accurate to the best of our knowledge |


89 Responses to “Indesit Washing Machine Fault Codes”

  1. Lisa says:

    My washing machine stops and the delayed time and on/off switch flashes my washing cycle stops completely. Help??
    Deposited turning off and on no change.


  2. claire says:

    Hi i have a indesit wiv101
    after a few seconds on a wash it just stops, nothing at all from it, the only way to get it moving again is to turn it off for quite a while, and then try again
    It was working fine yesterday, apart from at the end of the last 2 washers the anti crease light is flashing
    we have checked filter and pumps but still doing it
    any ideas please ?


  3. jason colman says:

    hi i have a wixl123s washing machine were all the lights blink for about 30 secs any help would b great thanks


  4. Terry says:

    My Indesit wil103 everything works ok until it comes to the second cycle then just carrys on washing after draining. Seems to stick on second light.


  5. Richard says:

    Hello washing machine helpers – can any one help me – Indesit WIXL 123S wahing machine is not working – can you guide me on how to diagnose the problem (I have two machines so perhaps can make one work correctly)
    Water supply is ok
    Power is ok
    Filter checked and clear
    drain hose clear.
    (preasure switch not checked – where is it ? and correct method for cleanining)


  6. Olu says:

    My indsite showing f15


  7. emily says:

    Hi, I have a indesit wil1235 1200 washing machine, macchine has been playing up on me as it switches all of my electic off by the fuse board, i have changed the fuse within the plug, have tried different sockets. When it does let me switch the machine on after a few hours of waiting with then smelly washing in machine I have managed to make it run on a ‘rinse’ and then seperate ‘spin’ .. after that it decideds to trip all of my electric again! .. when the machine is on i have noticed the delay timer and door lock is flashing. However as I said, sometimes I cant even switch it on by the mains at all.


  8. dirk says:

    Hi, I had a power failure yesterday when the machine was running. Now I get error f15. It ispumping and filling without problems, but it stops when the water is out. Nice beeps, all lights blinking and f15 in the display. It is a IWDE7145 Indesit. Is it possible to give the computer a reset ??
    thx dirk


  9. lynda bridge says:

    Hi I have an Indesit IWME147. The door is locked and drum full of water. Manged to drain water from pump but still unable to unlock door?


  10. mark bedford says:

    the word door comes up on the display on my wixxe127 and then it wont start


  11. Kosar says:

    Hi my washing machine has a code f50 the door is in lock and I can’t open it as the machine is full of water it’s a indesit one please could u advise


    Vassilis Reply:

    Hi there, you may have a filter blockage.
    Try to open the filter which is on the front below panel,
    easily… since the drum is full with water.
    After the water is all out & drum empty, check this filter
    and remove all the dust or other objects.
    Put the filter back and restart a cycle. Hope I helped.


  12. Vassilis says:

    Hi, my WIXL 85(EU) washing machine works fine with all programs, except programme 4.
    It drains the water after the 1st rinse and keep spinning forever..
    Also, the led of wash & rinse are on, shouldn’t be on the rinse led only? Thx


  13. gus says:

    Hi my indesit W133 washing machine dial starts to rotate when it’s on rinse and the red light flashes twice, could you give any advise many thanks.


  14. Jacqui says:

    Indesit WIE 147
    No code showing, however when I press for the programme to start it shows END.
    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.


  15. Helen Pennington says:

    I have an indesit wixxe147.
    When I turn it on, set the propramme and shut the door, the door shuts and locks, but the red lock symbol does not appear on the display. Then after about a minute, the display says “door” asif it is not shut properly, even though it is. Any advice??? Thanks


  16. MiLuHD says:

    Hello, I have a indesit WITL 105 (EU). Can you please give me the fault codes for this type of washing machine. All the lights are flickering.
    Thank you.


  17. James says:

    My indesit washing machine keeping bleeping on what seems to be on the second icon were it goes down to end icon the second one it bleeps on any idears


  18. Leanne says:

    Hi there, I seem to be having the same problem with my Indesit as you mentioned. I know it was last year but did you manage to get the problem fixed?
    Thank you in advance


  19. Darren says:

    Hi I have a Hotpoint WIB101 it was put in storage for a year after moving home and was only a few months old at the washes etc perfect but at the end when it should stop and the door unlocks and red light flashes,it starts to run the drain pump and the anti crease, rapid wash and door locked lights flash.


  20. david watt says:

    Hi I have a Indest washer/dryer IDWE126,

    Every now again when the cycle is finished the drum is still full of water with easy iron, spin speed and power button all flashing,

    I remove the water from drum and check filter and there’s never any blockages put it all back together and it works fine, maybe 4 or 5 washes down the line it does it again …again I check filter no blockages put it all back together works fine and so on…

    Anybody any ideas whats going on? Is the pump on its way out?



  21. sajid says:

    just recently i was buy indesit washing machine the model No is INDESIT IWB 6103

    could you please advise how to run this machine, because of once i am start to run this its always taking
    more than 6HR either 7HR, i am totally confused as i check the setting but unfortunately i did not understand,

    It is requested you to please if any one knows about this procedure, please advise to me to out from this headache, since long time i am suffering from this issue.



  22. MISS SMITH says:



  23. dave says:

    hi my washing machine wixl123 has stopped half way through a cycle and i cant get the door open how do i get the door open thanks dave


  24. adam says:

    Hi all

    I have quite a strange problem. I had a power cut last week and the washing machine was in mid cycle. it finished the cycle when the power returned and works find. However it now beeps about every two mins, even with it unplugged??? I have looked online and got no where.

    Its a indesit IWME126



  25. AOS says:

    I have indesit washing machine and the display message show door as an error and nothing is working. Can any one assistme.


  26. Rob says:

    My SIXL 145L INDESIT W MC WILL NOT START, blue on /off button flashing, if I turn it off at mains and then back on , the wash cycle programmes glow slowly and it looks like it one light away from end of cycle but it won’t start by pressing any button, I have cleaned bottom right filter but still no joy , any suggestions please


  27. Kerry says:



  28. ashley says:

    hi my indesit wixe 127 has a flashing problem. all the lights and the lcd screen flash any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it ??
    many thanks


  29. rhoan says:

    i have indesit lwe91281eco near the end of the cycle all the light start flashing the drum full of water and the code f05 “is showning. ive clean out the wast pipe and drain trap. so it not bloc. any idea out there.


  30. Amy Neve says:


    My washing machine wash cycle times are all completely wrong (after having worked ok yesterday). Is there a way of resetting this – I have the iwdd7123.

    Many thanks


  31. Marian willis says:

    I have a IWDE7145 washing machine error H20 keeps flashing near the end of the cycle


  32. Marian willis says:

    Error H20 flashes near the end of the cycle on my washing machine model no IWDE7145 please can you help


  33. Ian cooke says:

    Hi my indesit washing machine wxd71252 come up error 09 could you please advise me.
    Regards Ian


  34. clare says:

    My washing maching had code f01 flashing I think clothes have got tangled inside but the door lock light won’t go off for me to open it …. please help


  35. Dawn says:

    Hi, I’ve done a test run on my Whirlpool AWO/D4505 and the service light comes on. I don’t have a digital display. The light came on at Wash the immediately the Rinse and Anticrease lights stay on. I’ve Googled for ages but can’t find what these mean…. Please help


  36. Hasel says:

    Hi my indest iwde 146 washing machine has a problem at the end of each cycle there is still water in the drum. I remove the water and check the filter and there are no blockages. What could be the issue? This is continuous everytime the machine is used.


  37. Louise says:

    I have an indesit washing machine iwc71452 and it keeps bleeping during cycle. It’s random and we have no lights flashing. Sometimes it’s 4 bleeps and other times it’s 6 or 3 bleeps, really random.


  38. Katie says:

    Hi I have a indesit washing machine model number:IWE81281K.
    I’m having a problem with my water getting hot, I get no code come up and the temperate is always on never off, the water pipe is connected to the cold pipe.
    I’ve looked at the manual online and nothing is really helping me, can somone tell me what to do as I don’t have a clue.


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