The follow are error and fault codes for most indesit washing machines. Indesit are a very popular often Italian built washing machines. If your unlucky enough to have your Indesit washing machine go wrong hopefully these faults might help you.


Indesit Washing Machines and Washer Dryers

• F10 – No cold fill. Check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.
• F11 – No hot fill. The ambient temperature is likely to be below freezing possibly due to the pipes being
frozen. Also check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.
• F12 – No mixed fill. It is likely that the water is not turned on at the taps.
• F13 – Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections.
• F14 – A fault with the water heating has occurred.
• F15 – Water is not being pumped out and a flood condition could occur. Check that the drainage hose is
raised to the recommended minimum height and that the pipe is not blocked.
• F16 – Extremely high water level Disconnect or turn off the water supply and ensure that the water level
does not rise any more.
• F17 – Door not closed properly. Close door firmly at the 3 o’clock position.
• F20/1 – The thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect. The ambient temperature could be below freezing.
• F30/31 – A motor drive problem has occurred. Try running the programme again.
• F40 – Water below protection level during a heat step.
• F41 – Water level detect sequence incorrect.
• F50/51 – Customer language and wash programme have not been saved.
The system will run with default conditions (1000rpm max and English language). Book an indesit service engineer to reprogramme
your product.

Some models this list may apply to:
IWB5113, IWC6125, IWC6125S, IWC6145, IWC6145S, IWC6165, IWC6165S, IWC8148UK, IWD6125, IWE7145B, IWE7145K, IWE7145S, IWE7168B, IWE7168S, IWSC5125, PWE8128W, PWE8148S, PWE8148W, PWE8168S, SIXL145, SIXL145D, SIXL145K, SIXL145S, SIXL145W, WIXXE147, IWME126UK, IWB5123, IWB6113, IWC8148, PWC8128W, SIXL145BL, W103, W113, W123, W123S, W123SILVER, W133, W143, W143S, W83, W93, WA105, WA115, WA115IND, WA125, WA135, WA155, WAX120, WAX120JUM, WE10, WE11, WE12, WE12S, WE12SILVER, WE14, WE14S, WE14SILVER, WE16, WE16S, WE16SILVER, WE21, WG1030G, WG1130TG, WG113D, WG1185WG, WG1230G, WG1230GH, WG1286S, WG1286WG, G1436TG, WG820G, WG920PG, WI101, WI121, WI141, WIA101, WIA111, WIA121, WIB101, WIB111, WIE127, WIE137S, WIE147, WIE147TE, WIE157S, WIE167, WIL103, WIL113, WIL123S, WIL123SILVER, WIL133, WIL143, WIL143S, WIL143SILVER, WIL144SP, WIL153, WIL163, WIL163S, WIL163SILVER, WIXE167, WIXL1200OT, WIXL123, WIXL123S, WIXL143, WIXL143S, WIXL163, WIXL163S, WIXXE147S, WIXXE167, WIXXE167S, WIXXL146,

They are accurate to the best of our knowledge |


218 Responses to “Indesit Washing Machine Fault Codes”

  1. Hi I have an indesit w1b111. Red light flashing rapidly, I cannot turn it off or do a wash. Could you please advise.

  2. tommy says:

    I have code f06 and less are flashing

  3. Richard says:

    My indesit iwc6145 all lights are lighting and the door won’t open? Can u help please

  4. kaumberg says:

    Dear all,
    We have a washing/drying machine indesit model IWDD6145 and it is giving us an error E05. When we put the machine working sometimes it does all the cycle but other times it stays with the clothes completely wet and the drum is full of water. Could you please give us a clue of what is happening with it?
    Thank you very much,
    Best regards

  5. Reklaw Nehpets says:

    Hi I have a wil163 washing machine which does not spin at the end of the programme and the lock light flashes red and the left hand timer light flashes. The owners manual says this is an abnormality but does not help me diagnose or repair the problem. Can anyone help?

  6. Justin says:


    I have an Indesit WIBB 111 which seems to have just stopped altogether. My toddler was turning the switches during a wash yesterday and now the machine has stopped…. It did drain eventually and unlock so I got the load out and finished by hand; but even restting on the same original program has done nothing to resolve the issue. It seems to want to start as usual for a second or two, then stops letting water in and flashes doing nothing else. I have taken the top off and found the pressure valve and taken it off, blown and sucked through the open valve tube and can hear a diaphragm kind of noise. Does that mean it’s OK? reassembled, cleaned out a very mucky filter at the base front, checked all hoses. Still nothing. ANY ADVICE????

  7. Paul says:

    I have a indecit ICW8148 Washing machine. when the cycle is started its fine but when gets to number 12 near the end of wash the washing maching stops running. The 4 function lights then flash above the buttons and the clothes are left in a puddle of water. Thanks

  8. Valerie says:

    I have an Indesit WIL153 1500 spin speed. It’s taking more than 3 hours for a normal number 3 30degree wash, I’m sure it used to be much quicker than this, any ideas?

  9. Kelly Weaire says:

    Hello, I have an Indesit IWC6125s Washing Machine, when I switch it on and press start the green lights come on as normal, the red door locked light comes on and it begins to fill with water, all good.

    Then the machine stops and the red light flashes, it then does nothing more and sits in this state until I switch off at the mains. I then drain via the filter at the bottom, put back on and it will do exactly the same all over again if I try to get it to run a cycle.

    What is the problem as there is no fault code, just the same symptoms every time.

    Many thanks


  10. Erick says:

    My WIDL146 suddenly and unexpectedly began flashing the lower left light (the vertical ones) and all the upper ones (horizontal ones) including the red power LED. Is this an F15 code or something else?

  11. Stacey says:

    Hi I have a indesit WIDXL126 and when I do a wash it does the normal cycle and then cuts out and flashes two LEDS lights (easy iron) and (1200-600 spin) then I have to turn my machine off and then turn back on to do the spin was woundering if you can help me

  12. Wendy says:

    I have an Indesit washerdryer Model WIDE 127. Amessage id flashing during the drying process of -c On. Can anyone tell me what this is please?

  13. Eamon says:

    we have a Indesit WIXL 143 approx. 6yrs old. when I press the start button all LED lights flash rapidly for about 20-25 seconds them stop and the red on/off lights flashes until the machine is started.
    could you let me know why this is or if there is a problem or something that needs looked at.

  14. lola says: indesit 163s wixl start playng.when i put my washing on the lock come on and off but after fiew minutes machine start washing but when she go to spin delay spinner an ironing removal light comes up flashing and she makies moise so i have to turn off.i replaced door lock-still the same.programs 9 and 11 i dont use others

  15. Jo says:

    Hello, I recently purchased Indesit Washing machine XWE91483. The machine worked fine for 3-4 weeks. I now keep getting the same error code. Not sure if its FOS or FO5 but the machine will not drain. I’ve checked the manual and troubleshooting guide, I’ve checked the pump for signs of blockages, the outlet pipe for kinks or blockages etc. The machine will work for a few days after doinf this but the same problem keeps reoccurring.

  16. Katie says:

    Hi my indesit wib010 is stopping in the middle of a wash with all 3 led lights on

  17. krish says:

    i have a IWE 81681 washing machine, im getting F12 on the screen and all lights flashing,
    how do i resolve the fault in the machine, could you please help me.


  18. Sharon Birney says:

    Hi, my indesit machine IWE91381 has a flashing H20 on the digital display and is beeping every 5 seconds. It is currently mid cycle and is still running. What does the H20 ean?

  19. Paula Greaves says:

    Yesterday my ‘Indesit’ WIA 101 went into a VERY rapid spin and refused to stop or move on to the next stage of the programme. It was quite scary! I turned it off at the mains supply. Is this something that can be repaired?

  20. peter p says:

    i have replaced water heater element in my indesit washing machine mod no iwme12uk everything was ok but now its flashing (timer green) on the front panel i have found the error code is f08. why is this??

  21. Stuart says:


    I have an Indesit WITL 120. It is just over 7 years old and has been a work-horse – probably averaging 20-25 loads a week. This was bought and resides in France but I believe the model is/was available in the UK

    I am now getting the following issue – no matter which program or temperature the machine will fill but the main program does not run. The drum does not rotate. I can set the dial to drain and it will drain fine.

    I have checked the belt (which was replaced about 14 months ago) and it is in place and fine. The drum will rotate when turned manually. After filling, there is an ‘attempt’ at turning the drum – the motor fires for a fraction of second and then stops. There is no strain on the motor – it is not being powered after this initial try.

    After a few minutes the door locking light blinks rapidly and the ‘Rincauge Plus” (probably light no.4) blinks more slowly.

    I can’t find any diagnostics for this – any help greatly appreciated.


  22. keith henderson says:

    my Indesit WIXL163 1600 washes, and then will not move on to the spin cycle, can anyone suggest what might the answer to this please?

  23. Janine says:

    I have a IWE7145 and have fault code F05 – I have drained the water via the hose, but still cant get door open!

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Ta very much

  24. Dave says:

    Hi, my daughter is having problems with an Indesit WIB101. When she switches the machine on it fills to the normal level but does nothing else. When the machine is manually drained an switched on again she gets the same result. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  25. vic says:

    Hi I have an indesit WIL153 the wash works until it gets to the rinse but then it stops. My washing doesn’t rinse or spin. The Green rinse and spin light stay on steady as if it knows it still has the functions to go. ANY HELP?I have 4 kids so can’t be without a washing machine.

  26. Mike v says:

    I have got a indiset pwe8148w washing machine that’s come up with a F 05 vault code can any body help please

  27. Mike v says:

    I have a indiset pwe8148 w washing with a F05vault code can any one help please

  28. Mike v says:

    I have got apwe8148w indisit washing machine with a F05 vault code can any body help pleSf

  29. Lisa says:

    My washing machine stops and the delayed time and on/off switch flashes my washing cycle stops completely. Help??
    Deposited turning off and on no change.

  30. claire says:

    Hi i have a indesit wiv101
    after a few seconds on a wash it just stops, nothing at all from it, the only way to get it moving again is to turn it off for quite a while, and then try again
    It was working fine yesterday, apart from at the end of the last 2 washers the anti crease light is flashing
    we have checked filter and pumps but still doing it
    any ideas please ?

  31. jason colman says:

    hi i have a wixl123s washing machine were all the lights blink for about 30 secs any help would b great thanks

  32. Terry says:

    My Indesit wil103 everything works ok until it comes to the second cycle then just carrys on washing after draining. Seems to stick on second light.

  33. Richard says:

    Hello washing machine helpers – can any one help me – Indesit WIXL 123S wahing machine is not working – can you guide me on how to diagnose the problem (I have two machines so perhaps can make one work correctly)
    Water supply is ok
    Power is ok
    Filter checked and clear
    drain hose clear.
    (preasure switch not checked – where is it ? and correct method for cleanining)

  34. Olu says:

    My indsite showing f15

  35. emily says:

    Hi, I have a indesit wil1235 1200 washing machine, macchine has been playing up on me as it switches all of my electic off by the fuse board, i have changed the fuse within the plug, have tried different sockets. When it does let me switch the machine on after a few hours of waiting with then smelly washing in machine I have managed to make it run on a ‘rinse’ and then seperate ‘spin’ .. after that it decideds to trip all of my electric again! .. when the machine is on i have noticed the delay timer and door lock is flashing. However as I said, sometimes I cant even switch it on by the mains at all.

  36. dirk says:

    Hi, I had a power failure yesterday when the machine was running. Now I get error f15. It ispumping and filling without problems, but it stops when the water is out. Nice beeps, all lights blinking and f15 in the display. It is a IWDE7145 Indesit. Is it possible to give the computer a reset ??
    thx dirk

  37. lynda bridge says:

    Hi I have an Indesit IWME147. The door is locked and drum full of water. Manged to drain water from pump but still unable to unlock door?

  38. mark bedford says:

    the word door comes up on the display on my wixxe127 and then it wont start

  39. Kosar says:

    Hi my washing machine has a code f50 the door is in lock and I can’t open it as the machine is full of water it’s a indesit one please could u advise

  40. Vassilis says:

    Hi, my WIXL 85(EU) washing machine works fine with all programs, except programme 4.
    It drains the water after the 1st rinse and keep spinning forever..
    Also, the led of wash & rinse are on, shouldn’t be on the rinse led only? Thx

  41. Vassilis says:

    Hi there, you may have a filter blockage.
    Try to open the filter which is on the front below panel,
    easily… since the drum is full with water.
    After the water is all out & drum empty, check this filter
    and remove all the dust or other objects.
    Put the filter back and restart a cycle. Hope I helped.

  42. gus says:

    Hi my indesit W133 washing machine dial starts to rotate when it’s on rinse and the red light flashes twice, could you give any advise many thanks.

  43. Jacqui says:

    Indesit WIE 147
    No code showing, however when I press for the programme to start it shows END.
    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

  44. Helen Pennington says:

    I have an indesit wixxe147.
    When I turn it on, set the propramme and shut the door, the door shuts and locks, but the red lock symbol does not appear on the display. Then after about a minute, the display says “door” asif it is not shut properly, even though it is. Any advice??? Thanks

  45. MiLuHD says:

    Hello, I have a indesit WITL 105 (EU). Can you please give me the fault codes for this type of washing machine. All the lights are flickering.
    Thank you.

  46. James says:

    My indesit washing machine keeping bleeping on what seems to be on the second icon were it goes down to end icon the second one it bleeps on any idears

  47. Leanne says:

    Hi there, I seem to be having the same problem with my Indesit as you mentioned. I know it was last year but did you manage to get the problem fixed?
    Thank you in advance

  48. Darren says:

    Hi I have a Hotpoint WIB101 it was put in storage for a year after moving home and was only a few months old at the washes etc perfect but at the end when it should stop and the door unlocks and red light flashes,it starts to run the drain pump and the anti crease, rapid wash and door locked lights flash.

  49. david watt says:

    Hi I have a Indest washer/dryer IDWE126,

    Every now again when the cycle is finished the drum is still full of water with easy iron, spin speed and power button all flashing,

    I remove the water from drum and check filter and there’s never any blockages put it all back together and it works fine, maybe 4 or 5 washes down the line it does it again …again I check filter no blockages put it all back together works fine and so on…

    Anybody any ideas whats going on? Is the pump on its way out?


  50. sajid says:

    just recently i was buy indesit washing machine the model No is INDESIT IWB 6103

    could you please advise how to run this machine, because of once i am start to run this its always taking
    more than 6HR either 7HR, i am totally confused as i check the setting but unfortunately i did not understand,

    It is requested you to please if any one knows about this procedure, please advise to me to out from this headache, since long time i am suffering from this issue.


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